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peeping tom

Peeping Tom

“That really was the most gorgeous meal,” sighed Caroline as she sipped the last of the full-bodied Merlot from her glass, placed the vessel back down on the pristine white table cloth and began idly tracing the rim with her index finger.


“It was heavenly,” agreed Sarah, watching Caroline intently as she toyed with the glass.


Tom picked up his pint of lager and took a huge gulp of the amber nectar while eyeing Caroline opposite him.  He winked.  “And if City can do the business tonight, it’ll be a weekend to remember, eh mate?”


John raised his own pint and the two men chinked their glasses.  “Aye, six points clear and we can start to think Champions League next season.”


“Well, we wish you all the best, lads,” said Sarah.  Caroline and I will bid you farewell for a couple of hours and leave you to your game.  Shall we reconvene around ten in the bar?”


Tom took Caroline’s hand from the wine glass, coersed it to his lips and gave it a gentle peck.  “Are you sure you don’t mind us watching the game, babe?”


“Of course not, hun.  Sarah and I are going to raid the mini-bar in her room and watch a chic-flic.”  Caroline got to her feet and waited for Sarah to join her.

“Love you, baby,” slurred John to Sarah, already the worse for wear.


Sarah ruffled John’s hair in response.  “Enjoy the game, lads.”


The girls made their way out of the dining area and began mounting the elegant staircase to their rooms.  They walked casually, but with purpose, very much an air of anticipation between them.


“Second thoughts?” whispered Sarah.


“None whatsoever,” Caroline replied.


The weekend away had been planned several weeks ago by the two girls after discussing the need for a change of scenery.  John and Sarah were going through a tricky patch of late and Caroline sensed that Sarah wanted to offload.  The idea of a foursome away at a rural retreat was greeted with enthusiasm by their respective boyfriends, and once the date was set, the only stipulation was that the lads would be allowed to watch an important football match in the hotel bar on the Saturday evening.


Sarah and Caroline walked in silence as they approached their adjoining bedroom suites.  Caroline inserted her access card into the door and turned the handle.  Sarah took her hand and held it firmly for a second or two.  Their eyes met and they held each other’s gaze.  Sarah opened her mouth in an attempt to speak, but Caroline cut her short by holding up a finger to her lips.


“I’ll see you in five,” whispered Caroline.  Sarah nodded and they each disappeared into their respective rooms.

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