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Beach Encounter

A much needed break they’d said.  “Ha,” I’d thought, “what did they know?”  However, before I knew it, I was packed and jetting out; a week by myself and a chance to recharge my batteries.  Ok, so maybe I had been overdoing things at the office of late.  Maybe this week of sun and sea would help clear the cobwebs, rejuvenate my weary soul, and inspire me to greater things.


It was late in the evening when I arrived at my mystery destination and checked into my hotel, and it wasn’t until the following morning I finally had the opportunity to see where my employees had sent me.  Climbing out of bed, I drew back the curtains and stepped out onto the balcony of my room.  The sight before me was truly breath-taking; a golden sandy beach, which stopped just short of the hotel wall beneath me, greeted a deep blue sea that stretched all the way to the horizon, where it melded with a bright blue, cloudless sky.  The beach was flat, and the sand smooth and wet, as the receding tide ebbed across it.  To the left of the beach, the coastline rose sharply, forming large sand dunes mixed with wild grass.


I showered and dressed in a short-sleeved linen shirt, a pair of light cotton shorts, and leather sandals, before taking a leisurely breakfast in the hotel's dining room.  Already accustomed to this laidback approach to the morning, I set out into the sun, in search of a little peace and quiet, armed with a beach towel and the detective novel I’d begun reading on the plane.  The beach itself was already overcrowded with bathers and families with screaming kids, and I decided the sandbanks offered the best chance of finding seclusion.


The huge humps rose and dipped like a caravan of camels on the skyline, and upon reaching the summit of the nearest to the hotel, I stood and caught my breath, admiring the view as a cool breeze rippled across my face.  The formidable walls of sand extended for many miles around the bay, and I marvelled at the natural barrier they provided, protecting the heart of the island from the elements of the sea.  Despite their natural beauty, the dunes appeared unpopular with my fellow holiday makers, for they were seemingly deserted. Continuing to venture away from the beach, I clambered up and down three or four ridges, figuring I could take my pick, as long as I was out of earshot of the madding crowds below.


Selecting a dune at random, I descended into its belly and sought a suitable place to bathe.  Spreading out my towel onto the warm sand, I took off my shirt and lay down, prising open my book at the start of chapter two.  I stared at the page and paused for a moment, desperately trying to recall the events in chapter one.  Seagulls circled overhead, squawking as they flew about the bay in search of food.  I reached the bottom of the page and turned.  The repetitive screeching persisted and soon began to affect my concentration, eventually causing me to look up in annoyance.  To my astonishment, there were no birds in view.  Listening more closely, I realised the shrieking now had a very different resonance about it altogether; that of heavy breathing, mixed with the pleasant sound of a woman's moaning.  I smiled to myself.  “Just my luck,” I thought.  “Trust me to set up camp next to a couple of horny honeymooners.”  Turning back to my book, I tried to regain my thoughts, but the combined breathing and moaning played on my subconscious.  It grew more prominent in my ears, not because the woman was becoming louder, more because I couldn't help but focus on the noise she was making.


In the end, curiosity got the better of me.  Crawling on my hands and knees, I stealthily made my way up the side of the mound, treading carefully as I neared the summit, for fear of causing a landslide.  Peering down the neighbouring dune, I was met by the most erotic sight.  Less than thirty feet from me lay the most beautiful woman I'd seen since my arrival at the resort.  And she was alone!

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