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exploring the thought provoking world of sensual romance through themes such as encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships, voyeurism and more...

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Listed below are the current titles by Charming Man, available to purchase.


Feel free to peruse the books at your 'pleasure'.  To reiterate, you'll find no explicit content on these pages; each story teaser sets a scene that will hopefully leave you wanting more!


Each book is available to download from Amazon, to read on your Kindle or Kindle-friendly device, and from Smashwords for a range of other devices.  Alternatively, signed copies of works available in paperback may be purchased right here at the Charming Man Bookshop.


Simply click on the appropriate download link and follow the instructions.




A chance meeting at a busy airport sees a young entrepreneur in the company of a seductive stranger for the duration of his flight to New York.  She has a sexy secret to tell, but only if he shares one first; a Mid Air Collusion he’s unlikely to forget in a hurry.

12 000 words

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29 500 words

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The complete compilation of Night Vision, Beach Encounter, Mid Air Collusion, Ariana, A Greek Tragedy and The Hitcher, available in eBook and paperback.

Short Stories




On a hot summer’s night, a man awakes from a peaceful slumber, roused by a mysterious beauty appearing at his bedside.   Is she real or merely a Night Vision?

3 000 words

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Escaping the stresses of daily life to indulge in a little rest and recuperation, a weary businessman unexpectedly engages a gorgeous exhibitionist in a voyeuristic Beach Encounter.

1 600 words

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The complete compilation of Peeping Tom, A Country Caper, A Tension Seeker Calls, The Hostess, The Attic and Secret Garden, available in eBook and paperback.

A college student embarks on a road trip, but didn’t envisage making the journey with a sexy hitch-hiker in tow.  Will it be the end of the line when he reaches his destination or will The Hitcher lead him down another path?

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65 000 words

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11 750 words

Headmaster Peter Thompson is faced with a predicament when he summons a troubled sixth form pupil to discuss her latest misdemeanour.  Refusing to accept her fate, Ariana takes control of the situation the only way she knows how.

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