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By Charming Man, Apr 26 2015 10:35AM

I have been nominated (or selected as a victim, depending on your take on these matters) to declare my current WIP by Scarlett Flame, a fellow writer, who in turn was nominated by another author friend, Christoph Fischer. Be sure to go check them out…

Following on from the successful release of First Encounters, the compilation of my first six short stories/novellas, I am now in the throes of completing its companion, Final Encounters.

The Charming Man website has twelve short story/novella teasers on display, each offering a different take on my fascination for encounters between strangers. My first six offerings (Night Vision, Beach Encounter, Mid Air Collusion, Ariana, A Greek Tragedy and The Hitcher) were completed some time ago, and as standalone publications, one or two even mustered minor critical acclaim on the timelines of various Twitter and Facebook feeds. I should’ve moved on and completed the remaining six; my work would’ve then been done. But I was intent on releasing a paperback, something I could physically hold aloft with an element of pride. And it made sense to do so by simply releasing the First Encounters compilation, before moving onto the remaining bodies of work. However, that’s where the problem started. Revisiting these previously published eBooks, I soon realised they were not worthy of reproduction on paper in their current form. So I spent several months re-editing the 65000 words, effectively polishing them for the cause. Of course, perfection is a subjective thing; I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and I found the exercise painful. I wanted to move on, yet I felt bound to perform this exercise for my sanity. And the day I finally pushed the First Encounters’ publish button, I felt a sense of karma. However, nit-picker by nature, I know if I were to start thumbing through its pages, I could most likely re-edit all over again!

Rest assured, my thumbs are staying well away from First Encounters; I am now fully engaged in completing Final encounters, the concluding compilation of my collection of erotic shorts, comprising Peeping Tom, A Country Caper, A Tension Seeker Calls, The Hostess, The Attic and The Secret Garden.

And here is a little excerpt from Peeping Tom to whet the appetite...

Caroline stared at her reflection in the mirror as she nervously freshened her lip-gloss. Upon entering her room, she'd quickly undressed and slipped into the sexy white camisole and suspenders she'd bought three days earlier, originally intended for Tom’s eyes only during their weekend away. Caroline was keen to show Sarah she was willing to be led astray, but equally she felt more than a little apprehensive she might be overdoing things somewhat.

She puckered her lips and gently wiped away the excess gloss, slipped into her killer white heels and sauntered over to the inter-connecting door. With a sense of trepidation, she slid back the tarnished brass lock and waited. Within seconds, the faint sound of music began emanating from the adjacent room, followed by the sound of the latch on the other side of the door yielding.

Caroline drew a deep breath, turned the handle and slowly crossed the threshold into Sarah’s room. The heavy oak door closed abruptly behind her; there was no going back.

Sarah was standing by her bed, dressed in a black lacy bra, matching French knickers and black stockings. Both girls’ eyes lit up when they saw the other; both instantly appreciating the intuitive kindred spirit that made them best friends. This was not the first time they had read each other’s minds like this. The dimly lit room was aglow with the aroma of several scented candles, flickering on the tallboy opposite the bed. The soft cocktail jazz music was barely audible, but was enough to take the edge off the silence, creating a sense of serenity before the storm; another touch of Sarah’s genius that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Caroline. Once again there was little need for either of them to say a word.

Sarah approached Caroline provocatively and delicately ran her hands up the length of her arms and laid them to rest on her shoulders. The two girls stared intently into each other’s eyes as Sarah’s fingers worked their way into Caroline’s hair at the back of her head and gently coerced her face towards her. Planting a soft kiss on her forehead, Sarah felt the warmth of Caroline’s nervous breath on her face. Caroline responded by wrapping her arms around Sarah and holding her tightly. As Sarah lowered her head and turned it to one side, she drew her nose down the full length of Sarah’s and held it poised above her top lip. There was a pregnant pause; Sarah inhaled Caroline’s lip-gloss and let out a long, soft sigh in anticipation.

Caroline could stand it no longer. She lunged at Sarah’s lips and they engaged in a long, passionate kiss, sending Caroline’s head spinning. Fuelled by the ambience of the room, the heat of the moment and the sense that they were both indulging in forbidden fruit, the girls kissed and nibbled and intimately digested each other with desire. Their tongues teased and fought as they explored each other’s mouths. The groans of one spurred the other. Eyes open, then closed, they became lost in each other’s embrace.

Sarah suddenly withdrew her lips from Caroline’s mouth and seized her by the hands. Leading her over to the bed, she beckoned Caroline to lie down. Caroline complied without hesitation, crawling up onto the large king-size divan on her hands and knees, before rolling over onto her back. She stared up at Sarah expectantly, one leg outstretched, the other bent at the knee, swaying in such a way as to cause her legs to part provocatively before her assailant. Sarah immediately sank to her knees by the side of the bed, took the foot of Caroline’s extended leg in one hand and began gently kissing her ankle, while softly massaging the sole of her foot with her thumb and forefinger. Caroline watched with dizzy excitement as Sarah slowly kissed her way up the inside of her leg. She was positively aching for Sarah right now, yet a small tinge of guilt lingered in her thoughts; a niggling reminder that this was wrong. Conversely, it was that same sense of illicitness that was driving her to distraction.


And now it’s my turn to nominate a couple of authors to see what they’re currently up to.

First up, a good friend of mine, Ms AJ Walters, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Orchard Book Club signing in Peterborough, back in March. AJ is best known for her An Acute Attraction, A Constant Attraction and An Enrapturing Attraction trilogy, but word has it she’s up to something a little different at the moment. Hopefully she’ll spill the beans!

Secondly, I nominate another of my favourite writers, Ebony Angel, who resides over at Angel With A Dirty Face. Ebony has been blogging and book reviewing for some time now, but has recently turned her hand to writing something of her own, and if her Facebook timeline is anything to go by, early indications suggest it’s not before time. With any luck, Ebony will now enlighten us further.

Please do make sure you check them both out; you won't be disappointed.

Once again, many thanks for Scarlett for singling me out as a victim; I’ve been very and truly tagged, but I’ve lived to tell the tale – I think!

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