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exploring the thought provoking world of sensual romance through themes such as encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships, voyeurism and more...

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For those of you looking for something a little more arousing, author A S Wilkins offers a male perspective into the realms of sensual romance, through his musings of a Charming Man.


Exploring the thought provoking world of encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships and voyeurism, Charming Man attempts to reach the inner desire for erotic excitement that he believes lies within us all.


Although all works ultimately leave nothing to the imagination, each treads a slow and tortuous path, building slowly to prolong the sense of anticipation.


Feel free to peruse the site at your 'pleasure'.  You'll find no explicit content on these pages; each story teaser sets a scene that will hopefully leave you wanting more!

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April 2016


The latest edition of the Charming Man newsletter will be out shortly, focusing on a truly wonderful day spent at the Hourglass Author Event in Leeds back in March... And the Final Encounters cover is finally unveiled!


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Charming Man takes to the road in 2017…  Make sure you grab your ticket!

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